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After 2 months into the new year- where are you with your resolutions? Are you where you want to be in your daily effort to be better, fitter, faster, healthier, more effective...? Good intentions are always there. Of course I want to eat healthier and hydrate more. Of course I want to be more patient. Of course I want to Save more money. The most effective way to actually make daily changes that you want to keep is to be accountable! Whether it is in 3 months when you are face to face with your physician again and get your cholesterol retested or you see your savings account increasing week by week. On a daily basis, you can create accountability buddies with friends or colleagues. I have clients who text me every day telling me that they drank h2o or walked or meditated. I also personally text with friends daily when we have each accomplished what we are working on. As always, something is better than nothing. 5 minutes of meditation is better than zero. 3 minutes of stretching is better than zero. I encourage you all to take a baby step and set up an accountability buddy system on a daily basis. The only way to accomplish a goal is daily baby steps.
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