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One of the traits that positive people share is the ability to celebrate other people. To be able to celebrate other people's success, wins, good fortune and happiness is a key to your own ability to experience more joy and happiness in your own life. Studies have shown that our ability to experience happiness for others increases our own overall happiness. Just recently we visited close friends who moved to a beautiful new house in a new town. Not only did I celebrate their new home, I toasted to their new life, lifestyle, and new chapter. Let your self be in your friends or Co workers shoes. Experience their joy and accomplishment. Appreciate their hard work and commitment to life that enabled them to experience success. The more we can see that for someone else, the more we can appreciate our own hard work and journey to be where we are. I don't believe in luck. It's hard work. It's taking the opportunity that peth does land in front of you. And working hard. Guy Roz on How I Built this always asks the guests: how much do you think your success is because of hard work or luck? Every person says hard work. A long the way sometimes there was luck: the right investor at the right time, a moment in history when their product was important, etc. Yet it always came down to hard work seizing the "luck" and making it work out with loads of hard work. So the success of your friends, or the beautiful new house of my friends, comes from lots of hard work. Celebrate with them. And celebrate your own hard work!

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