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Improve You!

1. The best way to improve you Is to pick one thing to improve on. Set a timer for 2 minutes and just 2 minutes. Do that 1 thing you chose whether it is to stretch or to breathe or to appreciate positives in your life. Or to walk or to do hand weights. Pick 1 thing for 2 minutes set a timer that's it you are a better you

2. Relationship is work. It is work. It is also fun and loving. The acronym I believe as a foundation of a healthy relationship is team! Together time effort and energy appreciations and affirmations and money. If you work on these things daily and I mean 5 plus minutes A-day that's it. you will have a healthy team and a heslthy partnership

3. Smile more. When you're driving down the road you can smile it's a wonderful Buddhist meditation to smile for a minute or 2 every day. It actually takes less energy than frowning. A changes the chemist train your body and the world around your. Smile at the grocery clerk. Smile at your kid. Smile at your coworker. Watch how it impacts others and how it feels for you!

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