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Just One Thing

One of the things that I know we all struggle with is big global goals. Whether it's I want to lose weight or I want to save more money or I know that I'm unhealthy and I got to make some changes. We have so many large goals or large negative statements we say to ourself. So I really want you to pick one topic that you know you're struggling with whether it's finances or health. Whether it's work or a relationship. It's so easy to get completely overwhelmed and negative. So focus on one area at a time just for today. And choose one thing whether it's I'm going to start my day and and my day with water to be more hydrated and healthy. Or I'm going to come up with a plan today to pay off my credit card. Or today I will listen to a guided meditation for 5 minutes. Send me your tangible baby steps. Find an accountability buddy and text each other daily. Seriously you can do this. One problem. One specific step towards a change. Just one thing. One. So often people pile it on and come up with at least a dozen steps to doing it differently. Start over. Choose one thing. I won't eat dessert after 10 pm. I will stretch for 2 minutes. Just one thing.

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