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Pandemic Positives

Now that so many of us are vaccinated the question is what next , what does it look like, what is our new reality? We're so excited to see each other and be together. I keep hearing now we can get our lives back. I want to remind us all that we have had our lives for a year and a half. Our lives were not on hold. Yes they have looked very very different. And there have been positives. Some people started baking bread or tap dancing. Done people learned to zoom or dance Zumba. I suggest that everyone try to name some of the positives along the way and to recognize that your life was not on hold. Yes your life was very very different and it was not o

n hold. Name how you changed. What you have done. New trails, new take out restaurants, new recipes. Yes we did not gather , we did not have events , we had so many disappointments and there were positives. I know my husband and I got back into packing a picnic after we went on a hike so we would sit and enjoy still being outside and not rushing to meet someone or grab our favorite restaurant. So things were different. We missed so many things we all did and we all did this year plus differently. So as we're moving forward focus on exactly that- moving forward ! It's not getting your life back. Ask yourself What do you want to take from the last year and a half into the next chapter? What do you want to add back in? Try and pause and check in with yourself and those around you, let's bring those pandemic positives with us!

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